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Customer Service Numbers - Fastway Couriers and Amazon Australia

If you're ordering from Amazon Australia, chances are you are going to need the Customer Service Number for Fastway Couriers and the Customer Service Number for Amazon Australia.

Amazon reports that you’re item has been delivered even if the courier returned it to sender. Now, you’re annoyed.

Amazon reports that you’re item has been delivered even if the courier returned it to sender. Now, you’re annoyed.

I only ever use Amazon if I can't get the item locally in Australia. The hassle of ordering from Amazon is immense so you've really got to want that thing. I need to review a new security product so I need to get it from the US and Amazon is my only choice.

I've had to go down the Amazon route twice.

On both occasions, the courier Fastway didn't deliver the package and returned the item. This is a painful process because the Amazon website will report that the package was delivered to you, but in fact, it was delivered to a warehouse somewhere... in my case to a warehouse in Botany NSW. Amazon can't tell a courier return from a genuine delivery, which isn't helpful.

So when you see an email from Amazon telling you 'Delivered: your stuff' and you haven't seen hide nor hair of your package you're going to want to make some calls. Now you're already stressed but that's about to get worse when you can't find the contact details of either Amazon or Fastway on their deliberately obstructional websites. Luckily, I've already been through the process. And here they are...

Fastway Customer Service Numbers for Australia

  • Phone: 08 8345 2300 (Adelaide)

  • Phone: 07 3868 1144 (Brisbane)

  • Phone: 03 9320 8100 (Melbourne)

  • Phone: 02 9737 8288 (Sydney)

Amazon Australia Customer Service Chat and Phone Details

In my case, Amazon cheerily refunded the amount and marked the parcel as lost. I said that that wasn't strictly the case. It was in a warehouse 10km away. And if they wanted to put it in an Uber and have it delivered, I'm ready and waiting. But no. That's too hard. Instead, I have to reorder it and have another one sent from the US. And probably sent back. At which point, I'll be back here reminding myself of the numbers that I need to ring to get another refund.


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