SMESecurity – customised IT security and privacy deployments for private individuals
Maximum security and privacy for company executives, high net-worth individuals and public figures.

A bespoke program of privacy and security measures

SMESecurity provides personalised security and privacy programs to help at-risk private individuals defend against cybercrime and surveillance.


Security and Privacy Vulnerability Assessment

A short review will look at your existing network and networked devices, identify security and privacy vulnerabilities and map out a program of change.

To establish a baseline, the existing security and privacy measures will be assessed. The following areas will be audited:

  • Wireless network hardware and configuration

  • Networked devices in use

  • Security and privacy tools in use

  • Web browsers in use

  • Password management regime

  • Backup provision

  • Cybersecurity awareness

At the end of the evaluation, written recommendations for eliminating security vulnerabilities and dialling down exposure to privacy violations are prepared.

Preparing Security and Privacy Recommendations

Following our review of your existing security and privacy status, a customised set of recommendations for change will be documented. This may include recommendations for new hardware, new software and new services all designed to improve your security posture and privacy position.

Implementing the Security and Privacy Recommendations

Our deployment services are designed to help you implement our recommendations for greater security and privacy as specified in the Security and Privacy Recommendations report. Our deployment services include (but aren’t limited to) the following discrete tasks:

  • Installation and configuration of a state-of-the-art secure router device

  • Securing devices and critical applications with physical security keys

  • Switching to a more secure and private email system

  • Implementing a best-practice password management regime

  • Installing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) across devices

  • Installing an Anti-Virus (AV) application across devices

  • Configuring devices for automatic updates and backups

  • Implementing secure and private browsing

  • Providing the hardware and software required to use the TOR anonymous browser

  • Discovering your hacked login credentials and passwords

  • Configuring social media accounts for maximum security

You can sign-up for a Vulnerability Assessment here. Or if you have specific requirements that you would like to discuss, please request a call-back here and we’ll be in touch.