SMESecurity – customised IT security and privacy deployments for private individuals
Maximum security and privacy for company executives, high net-worth individuals and public figures.

Personalised security and privacy action plans for at-risk private individualS

Personalised cybersecurity consulting services for those in the firing line


Reduce your personal vulnerability to targeted cybercrime and surveillance

As a high achiever, you are already acutely aware that you and your family are, or will become, the focus of surveillance and cybercrime efforts by a litany of scammers, organised criminal gangs, corporations, state-sponsored hackers and government agencies.

To date, the job of securing your home and personal IT software and systems has fallen to you or a family member. Large corporations provide personalised security advice and assistance to at-risk employees, but not everyone enjoys this level of assistance and peace-of-mind.

At SMESecurity, we fill the gap with a comprehensive personalised program of products and services aimed squarely at enabling at-risk persons (high net-worth individuals, public figures, professional services, whistleblowers and small business executives) and their families to defend against the systemic surveillance and constant threat of cybercrime that are part-and-parcel of modern life.

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