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Protecting your SME business

One simple change for a more secure business


Almost all successful attacks on SME businesses originate from the internet and many involve web-based attacks


There are only TWO ways to reliably defend against web-based attacks:

  • Disconnect from the web
  • Move the web browser outside the firewall

Both are quick, easy and highly effective. But only one is practical. And it's called Isolated Browsing.

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What is isolated browsing?

Isolated browsing is a way of immediately reducing the risk of doing business online.

When we switch to Isolated Browsing, we use a cloud-based browser to access the web - effectively moving all web browsing activity outside the firewall. The experience is no different to using a traditional browser, but under the covers there is one important difference. All browsing activity happens in the cloud. This means that no potentially dangerous content ever passes through the firewall and so it is impossible for the business to become infected by taking a wrong turn on the web or opening a malware-loaded phishing email.

Do I need experts to install and run isolated browsing?

No, you do not need expert support. Using an isolated browser is the same as using Chrome, Firefox or Edge except that there are security policies governing what users can and cannot do.


Does everyone need to install new software?

Like Chrome, Firefox and Edge, the isolated browser is a dedicated app for your computer. But you don’t have to use the app – instead, you can navigate to a dedicated URL to initiate a secure session.

Is Isolated Browsing like VPN?

Isolated Browsing gives the same level of privacy as VPN but also ensures that the business will never become infected by web-borne malware. VPNs are good for privacy but do nothing for security. You can still become infected when using a VPN.

I have anti-virus software. Isn’t that good enough?

Unfortunately, no. The way in which anti-virus software works means that it can never be 100% accurate. Some viruses are going to pass through undetected.

In tests, traditional anti-virus software failed to protect against 48% of ransomware threats.

The only way to guarantee that you won’t become infected when anyone uses the web is to switch everyone to Isolated Browsing.

How much does Isolated Browsing cost?

The Silo isolated browser (or cloud browser) is $10 (USD) per user per month for individuals and $15 (USD) per user per month for teams and small businesses.

Can we try before we buy?

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