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On-demand Cybersecurity Training for Australian Small Businesses

SME Security Offers One of the Best Cyber Security Training Programs for Small and Medium Businesses in Australia. Our Online Course Will Equip You with the Tools to…


Provide Your Employees With Cybersecurity Resilience in Minutes

Defending against phishing scams is all about knowledge. To help employees at work and at play defend against scams in all their forms, we’ve made our cybersecurity awareness training available in a number of easy-to-consume formats:

  • On Twitter - bit-sized cybersecurity snippets are posted each and every day - hit follow to receive them in your feed

  • On YouTube - all cybersecurity awareness training modules are available right now for free

  • In our Learning Management System - subscribe to each module, take the tests and get the certificates

  • In your Learning Management System - download the SCORM format training course and deploy to all employees

Deflecting Phishing Scams

Equip the business to Defend against phishing scams, ransomware attacks and other forms of cyberscam

This course takes a different approach to cybersecurity awareness training. Rather than emphasising buzzwords and technical detail candidates will focus in on learning the small handful of traits that all scams share. This makes the training short and easy for non-technical candidates to internalise. Once you know what to look for, spotting threats such as phishing scams becomes second nature.

In this seven-part animated series of e-learning, candidates will investigate the tricks of the scammer’s trade and learn how and where to find the tell-tale signs of a scam.

At the end of this course, the business will have learned how scammers engage their victims, the things that scammers do to impersonate legitimate organisations, and a series of checks that everyone can make to ensure that the business never falls victim to a damaging and costly cyberscam.

Once we know what to look for, we can spot a scam a mile away. Every time.


Information Security: Online Course Content

Preview all seven modules here, or watch them now and learn for free!


How Our Cyber Security Awareness Training Programs for Employees Are Delivered

Delivered on-demand using your LMS or OURs


This series of e-learning is delivered on-demand to candidates via the Password Coach Learning Management System (LMS). By using an LMS, we enable management to monitor and assess candidate progress through the course. Individual performance can easily be rolled into personal goals, annual reviews and compensation plans.

The course is also available in SCORM format for those businesses that have already invested in a Learning Management System.


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Training For Small to Medium Businesses With an LMS

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Training For Small to Medium Businesses Without an LMS

If you would like to enrol some or all of the business in a formal, managed program of e-learning but don't have access to a learning management system, drop us a line below and we'll make it happen.

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