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Secure Web Access / Private Browsing for Your Clients’ End-point

SME Security Provides Your Business with the Training Needed to Take Control of Your Customer’s End-Point Security, Protecting Your Business Users from Web-borne Malware...


When customers transact online using their own devices it is essential that those devices are comprehensively secured. But as a business, how can we be sure that the customer has done the right thing? Or is even capable?


Do we really know how secure the customer end-point is?


The short story is that we can never know the true security status of the customer end-point. Not, that is, until we take control with Secure Web Access (SWA).

How to Implement Secure Web Access (SWA) Solutions

When we implement SWA, the customer end-point is effectively moved away from the customer's device and into a secure container controlled by the business. From this point forward, all customer transactions are executed in safe audit-able environment, and not in a locally installed browser on the customer's device.

This approach removes uncertainty about the integrity of the customer's environment, and allows the business to move from today's model in which security compliance is the responsibility of the individual to one in which security provision is owned and controlled by the business, and made freely available to customers as a differentiated value-add.

By routing customer sessions through a secure access point, SWA enables the business to quickly bring greater cybersecurity resilience and more robust security to customers and online transactions.


Securing INBOUND customers and OUTBOUND business WEB ACCESS


Now Secure Web Access can be used to protect business users from web-borne malware when accessing the web and ensure the integrity of end-points when customers use the business's web applications. Win win!


To learn more about Secure Web Access and how it can enable your business to provide a more secure environment for employee web use and customer transactions, drop us a line to arrange a quick call.